Tarik Ghiradella - drummer


Pro Session Drummer Tarik Ghiradella has become highly sought after in the recording studio.  His Solid feel and flexible style make him a fun and easy drummer to work with.  Tarik is precise, energetic and versatile.   

His talent, ability, musicality and genuine enthusiasm for life and music has made making records a true pleasure. “ - James Lugo

Tarik has recently recorded for:  American Heroes Channel (Gun Slingers), Beth Ogden, Kaylin Roberson, Brian Willoughby, Marc Gatsby, James Lugo, Mercedes Gourneau, Angela Pepi, Thomas Faucette, The Chris Hendricks Band, Nicki Kris, Currie Wayne Clayton, Josh Phillips, Brianna Lee,  Mile 7, Ape J Music, Allegra Acosta,  - to name a few